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You are more than welcome to come and play a Finnish version of a room escape game built with a big heart! The game is located next to the Käpylä station in Helsinki. Our location is almost literally a stone’s throw away from the station.

Room escape is a puzzle game where the players have one hour to solve the mysteries and tasks that require observation, deduction and concentration. Strength or any physical skills are not required, only the power of your mind. The room escape Helsinki experience that we offer is a great way to spend time because not only do you have fun, but you also improve your problem solving skills and logical thinking. You also forget all of your daily troubles completely playing this escape room game in Helsinki.

We offer our customers two room escape rooms with different themes and puzzles. The rooms are Pelinaisen painajaiset (translation: Nightmares of the gaming lady) and a another room coming in march 2019.

The rooms have all the written content in both Finnish and in English. You can play both of our rooms in English or in a group that has both Finnish- and English-speaking members.

Come join us on a fun adventure that is guaranteed to offer you the feeling of succeeding!

You can check out our two rooms and make a reservation when you scroll downwards on this page. The booking calendar closes 24 hours before each game. If you wish to come play with a shorter notice or at a time outside of the calendar, please phone the number +358 40 754 2245 or send an email to the address

We have designed our games so that they are not overwhelmingly challenging for first-timers, at least with a few tips. More experienced players should also get a complete challenge from our rooms: can you solve the room without any tips?

Welcome to our room escape Helsinki!


Game for 2 persons: 74 €/game

Game for 3 persons: 81 €/game

Game for 4 persons: 88 €/game

Game for 5 persons: 95 €/game

The price is determined by how many players over 18 years old there are in a team. Players under 18 years of age will not increase the price of the game. However the minimum price of the game is always 74 €, even if all the players are under 18 years old.

You can either pay with cash or a payment card (Visa, Mastercard).



(Translation: Nightmares of the gaming lady)

The gaming lady loves games – and has nightmares.

The players are friends of the gaming lady who are visiting her with the intention to help. During the day nothing has worked, the night has arrived and everyone has fallen asleep.

To your horror, you discover that you have been sucked into the depths of the gaming lady’s nightmares. You have one hour to escape the nightmares or they will imprison you for eternity!


ATTENTION! This escape room has a dark theme so it is not recommended for children under 15 years of age.

Difficulty: 4/5

Record time without clues: 33 minutes, Team ggrutto

Completion percentage without extra hints: 11 %

Designer’s comments:

Due to its difficulty, this room is very well suited for experienced players, but it it not overwhelmingly difficult for beginners either. Completing this room without extra hints from the game master is a very good performance.

The room has been designed to have a dense atmosphere, but it is not a fully fledged horror room.

The purpose of the design has been to make the room technically versatile and to give players a lot to solve using their deductive and perceptive abilities. The puzzles about games and nightmares are difficult, but fairness has been kept in mind in the design work.


(Loose translation: Spirited to pay)

Deep inside eternal woods lies a temple that is dedicated to nature. Inside the temple five powerful spirits guard the world.

Unfortunately, the bad guys stole from the temple the heart of the nature which angered the spirits.

A famous archeologist chased the bad guys and managed to reclaim the heart of the nature, but was injured in the process.

You are the students of this archeologist and now your mission is to return the heart of the nature to its place, conciliate the spirits and stop nature from becoming fully unbalanced.


Difficulty: 3/5

Record time without clues***: 26 minutes, Zorro

Completion percentage without extra hints: 22 %

Designer’s comments:

The room has been designed so that the difficulty is suitable for beginners, but the room should not be too easy for experienced players either and completing the room without extra hints from the game master is a good performance. A nice room for families.

The atmosphere of the room is inspired by nature and is thus quite relaxed and stress-free, but without compromising the challenge level of the room.

The room has been designed to be very versatile with technology and that the puzzles relate to the spirits of the nature. Fairness has also been kept in mind in puzzle design.

*** Room has been modified in april 2018 to be more challenging. Record time after the modifications.


What is room escape?

Room escape is a game where you must observe and deduce things to solve puzzles and riddles. You have one hour to solve every task in the room to win the game. No physical talent is required in the game, only the power of your mind. It is possible to receive clues for the riddles, so being completely stuck in the game in highly unlikely. We have spent a lot of time designing the games so that they offer quality entertainment in Helsinki. Welcome!

For who

Room escape in Helsinki can be played by anyone who is interested in riddles and challenging oneself. However, small children (under school age) might find it hard to get in to the game. The challenge level in our escape room games is designed to accommodate adults. However, some children who are in school age are able to solve the puzzles just as well as adults (if not better!). It is up to the parents to decide what age is suitable for children to play our room escape games. However, it is recommended that at least one adult plays with a group of children because of the difficulty level of our escape room games. In addition, one of our rooms (Nightmares of the gaming lady) is not recommended for people who are not 15 years of age because of the heavy theme and plot of the game.

Room escape is a perfect activity for groups of friends or collegues to raise team spirit. Nothing brings people more together than working together and succeeding. We also welcome bachelor/bachelorette party groups to our room escape Helsinki, but we wish that this would be an early event in the day since you are not allowed to play under the influence of alcohol.

Number of players

It is recommended that you play the game in groups of 3–4 persons. The games have been designed so that working together and the challenge of the game is best suited to that amount of people. Playing with a team of only 2 people is also possible and the challenge shouldn’t be overwhelming, but it is recommended that when playing with two persons you have already played escape room games before. The game can also be played with a group of 5 people. We don’t recommend that groups of more than 5 people come to play our escape room Helsinki since playing can get confusing and the room can get crowded.

What you have to do in advance

Nothing. Solid escape room only requires that you get to the location in time. You need to be at our location 15 minutes before the game starts so that the rules and the plot of the game can be explained. You can dress as you want and no sporting clothes are required since the game is not physical.

If you need reading glasses, please take them with you to the escape room.


We understand the human fear of being locked away. Therefore, in our rooms you are not locked inside the room. Instead, the game is won by achieving a certain goal inside the room. Should the need arise, you are even allowed to leave the room temporarily to use the toilet, but the game will end if all of the group leaves the room together.

Customizing the game for special occasions

Solid escape room can put single extra objects in the room for the amusement of for example of a bachelor/ette party group. The room “Nightmares of the gaming lady” is suited for further customization for example so that the clues for the mysteries can be adjusted to the life of the bachelor/ette. For a larger customization however, we will charge an extra fee depending on the extent of the customization. For further information about the customization you can call the number +358407542245 or send an email to the address

What you are not allowed to do during a game

  • Do not use force
  • Breaking any objects in the room is not allowed
  • Removing any plugs in sockets or touching any wires is not allowed
  • Do not peek behind the curtains; nothing related to game there. There are electric wires hidden there and you should not touch them.
  • Climbing is prohibited
  • Not following the instructions of the game supervisor or signs in the room is not allowed
  • Using your own machines or devices (mobile phones, flashlights, pocket knives) is not allowed
  • You are not allowed to play under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Paying methods

You pay after the game either by cash or by a payment card (Visa, Mastercard).


It is allowed to take photos after the game inside the room. If all of you want to be in the picture, you can ask the gamemaster to take the photo.


Unfortunately, our premises are not wheelchair accessible.


As nearly every room escape business, we too, have started because we have played escape room games elsewhere and fallen in love with them. So we know excatly what kind of rooms can completely mesmerize you. In our escape room design, we emphazise that the puzzles are versatile, challenging and fair and that there is a lot to do (but not overwhelmingly too much). We are also fascinated by different methods of solving the puzzles, and there is more to our rooms than just opening padlocks. Our rooms are designed by ourselves here in Helsinki, instead of buying prefabricated rooms from other countries. We also wish to offer a moderate price for this great Helsinki room escape experience.


Solid escape room is located right next to the Käpylä station in Helsinki, the address is Läkkisepäntie 20 A. Our hometown is Helsinki.

We are extremely easily accessible by train and busses also stop at the Tuusulanväylä right next to our location.
It is easy to come visit us by car and there is plenty of free parking space along the Läkkisepäntie during evenings and weekends.

Our room escape Helsinki game is located in an orange building at the north side of the Läkkisepäntie. In the same building there is also a car repair shop and a dance studio.

The entrance to our escape room Helsinki is on the small inner courtyard of the building after a short but steep uphill climb from Läkkisepäntie. The door to our escape room is on the right after the uphill climb. The door has our sign on it. The players will be collected from the door about 15 minutes before the game starts so arriving way too soon will result in waiting outside. There is rain shelter at the door however, so that you don’t need to get wet in case on rain.

If you wish to come play with a short notice or at a time outside our calendar, please contact us by phone or via email. Our room escape Helsinki location is open only when there are reserved games so you have to book in advance.


Phone: +358 40 754 2245

Solid escape room Oy
Läkkisepäntie 20 A
00620 Helsinki


Opening hours:

Our opening hours are as follows: Monday–Friday 17.00–21.30, Saturday and Sunday 10.00–20.30. The timeslots for games are: Monday–Friday 17.00, 18.30 and 20.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 14.30, 16.00, 17.30, 19.00. One room escape game lasts one hour, even though in the timeslots in the calendar are 1,5 h apart. This is because we need time to reset the game and go through the rules and plot before the game.

It is possible to play outside the calendar hours, but for that you must contact us by phone or email.


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